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Most carpet cleaners need new ways to grow their businesses. Trinity OP Systems are experts in the carpet cleaning industry. We’ve been cleaning floors since 1973 and building machines since 1980. Our team has decades of experience to lean on. If you want to partner with a company who cares more about your success than just selling you another machine, Trinity OP Systems is ready to help you.

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For over 45 years, Trinity OP Systems has committed to ongoing innovation. We’re the only company to hold patents on OP machines and the technology that makes them better. Our goal is to continually invest in products that make your business more efficient and profitable, and your customers highly satisfied. Trinity OP Systems builds all of our machines by hand in the USA! We take great pride in our products and guarantee you’ll always get the best results with our machines. We stand by our products with our TOPS Guarantee, ensuring you will be completely satisfied with your equipment.

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