Saiger’s Sauce Code Red 4 x 6.5 Pound Case


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Saiger’s Code Red

Video: How to Use Saigers Code Red


Saiger’s Sauce Code Red combines Oxy and Enzyme to the already awesome Saiger’s Sauce 1. This unscented formula allows for the addition of deodorizers such as the new Saiger’s Cide Lime Citron odor destroyer.


Directions and Suggested use

Be sure to mix with warm to hot and preferably “soft” water. Don’t store more than you need on your (hot) truck.

Pump up or Electric Sprayer

1 scoop (2 ounces) to 1.5 scoops (3 ounces) of Saiger’s Sauce 1 per gallon of warm to hot water. Severely soiled carpets may require up to 3–4 ounces per gallon. Test first so you don’t waste this valuable solution.

Hydro-Force Type Injection Sprayer

Dilute 8–9 scoops Saiger’s Code Red (16–18 ounces) per 5-quart container with warm to hot water, and meter at 8:1 setting. If not using a metering tip, it is typically at 4:1 setting: THEN dilute only 4–5 scoops which is 8–10 ounces of Saiger’s Code Red.