Carpet and Floor Cleaning Scheduling For Better Profits

Scheduling Carpet Cleaning Jobs for More Profit

Being more profitable and efficient are two goals any carpet cleaning business should strive toward. After all, who doesn’t want to earn more money for their services and work less? While there are many ways to increase revenues and reduce time on the job, scheduling carpet cleaning jobs properly can earn you more profits.

To make your business more profitable, it’s important to schedule your jobs efficiently, or your profits and time (time is money) go out the window. It can make a huge difference between cleaning three houses a day or five houses a day! Your goal should be eliminating  poor scheduling mistakes. Here are three tips we suggest for scheduling your carpet cleaning jobs to earn more profits.

Say NO to Same Day Service.

Scheduling carpet cleaning jobs for more profit begins with saying no. While it’s tempting to help people out quickly, you have to teach clients that same day service is practically impossible. Customers need to plan ahead and respect your carpet cleaning schedule, just like they want their schedule respected.  A lack of planning on their part doesn’t constitute an emergency on yours.

Catering to clients with same day service can cause you a lot of problems including stress, grief, and a lack of profits. It can also communicate that you aren’t busy and are in desperate need of work. Customers must understand you have other responsibilities and changing your schedule brings logistical challenges.

There’s always an exception to the rule. IF you have time and space on your schedule, and it is a good customer with an emergency, then you can decide to move forward with same day service. Just remember to charge an additional rush fee.

Know your map and zip codes.

Knowing your way around town and zip codes can save you a lot of time. If you travel outside of your metro area, be familiar with adjoining towns. Keeping your jobs in the same basic area is optimal, but if you do travel, make sure you aren’t zipping back and forth across town. Booking a job on one side of town, then the next on the opposite side of town, only to go back to the other side again will cost you time and gas money.

We recommend you schedule carpet cleaning jobs by starting with the furthest from home. Work your way back to your home or office to save on backtracking. Once your schedule is set, stick to it.

Finally, don’t always rely on GPS programs like Google Maps. They can take you on routes that are out of the way. Double check your map to ensure there’s no traffic or that it’s the most direct route.

Always be on time and finish on time.

One of the biggest killers of profitability is not showing up on time. If you show up late to a carpet cleaning, you put future cleaning jobs at risk for being late as well. These mistakes will eat your time and money, besides making your clients angry (and if you are running late, be courteous and call your client).

Be sure to estimate the time it will take you to reach your destination. Account for traffic or other potential problems. Planning in advance and staying on track with your schedule will increase the bottom line for your business and make happy customers.

Another piece of advice is to know exactly how long it takes you to clean carpets in the average room, home, or office space. When you have an understanding of time-frames for completion, you will become more efficient with your scheduling. Being able to start and finish on time will make you more money.

Scheduling can make you more profits.

It might seem that scheduling isn’t a big deal, but it really is. If you take our advice and apply it when scheduling your carpet cleaning jobs, we can guarantee you will begin seeing more profits for your business.