Lightning Pre-spray


Lightning is a Hot Water Extraction and VLM/pad encap cleaner for heavier soiled environments. Lightning is 4 times more concentrated than competing products. It leaves no sticky residue behind and is free rinsing.

Lightning is a great choice when you need a safe heavy hitter.


Always Vacuum Prior to Cleaning. Test for colorfastness.

Apply at approximately 300 – 600 sq. ft. per gallon or as needed depending on soil levels and conditions. Allow 10 minutes dwell time.

Mix with lukewarm or hot water using the following suggested dilution:

Carpet Pre-spray:

For lightly soiled carpet mix 1 oz. per gallon.

For moderately soiled carpet mix 2 oz. per gallon.

For heavily soiled carpet mix 4 oz. per gallon.

Tile and Grout Pre-spray:

Mix 3 oz. – 4 oz. per gallon

Upholstery Pre-spray:

Mix 1 oz. – 2 oz. per gallon depending on level of soiling.

Mix well prior to use. Apply product evenly, do not oversaturate. Pre-mix when using solution tanks. For low moisture pad extraction, follow with damp absorbent pad/bonnet.


Mix 6 – 14 oz. with 5 quarts with yellow tip (8:1)

Always Flush sprayers and Equipment After Use