Top 10 Reasons For Oscillating Pad Cleaning

Top 10 Reasons to Use OP

10 reasons this may be the most important and most diverse tool you can add to your arsenal! Consider that all this can be added for as little as $3000.00. You can add a RX20, Rotovac, Turbo tool etc, but if your HWE breaks down you are done, plus most of these cost MORE than adding a tool that will help you more, in more situations than all of these combined. If you use OP a lot, you can purchase larger, faster equipment, but getting even an entry level machine could be the cheapest insurance policy you you ever bought to ensure you can get the soil out and get the job done.

#1. Best machine for pre-scrubbing before HWE, loosens soil and spreads pre-spray like no other machine on the market.

#2. OP is often beneficial for post padding jobs, removing those traffic lines after HWE. Rotary bonneting doesn’t compare to OP padding.

#3. The agitation supplied by OP along with HWE is another way to truly remove all the soils and spots. “We actually STRIP the fibers clean”.

#4. For banks or other jobs that like “closed door” security, OP allows you to lock up the building while you are working.

#5. OP is known for its ability to stop wickbacks on jobs where there has been a water damage ring, or where beverages have been spilled.

#6. You have some spotting to do? Long hose reaches? Usually you can just do the area with OP and not have to pull hoses for small jobs or long runs.

#7. By using OP along with your HWE, there is not a need to buy an expensive overpowered TM, thus making your ROI, [return on investment] much more attractive.

#8. Have a high rise to do? You won’t have to string hoses up the stairwell or up the side of the building costing you time and money and efficiency.

#9. Having the option to clean with low moisture or your HWE, utilizing what works best for any given situation also being able to accommodate whatever method the customer may prefer.

#10. TM break down? Run out of gas? No problem, finish up the job with OP and get it fixed or filled when you are DONE with the job.